Contemporary Western Art: “Freckles” Texas Cowgirl


“Freckles” the Texas Cowgirl. Some guys just have a soft spot for a gal with freckles.

Outdoorsy type, sunshine, freckles, sun kissed skin, butterflies, and Stetsons.

I have been experimenting in different techniques, styles, and in different mediums for a while but still trying to keep my Sherry twist on them.

Here is my newest “cowgirls.” Seems like I have gravitated towards “cool” colors for the last several years so I have been trying to do more “warm” tones like yellow greens, orange reds, etc. I didn’t realize how set I had gotten in my “cool” ways…[:)]

Hadn’t done much western art before either, although I have been wanting too.

Original was done in colored pencils, acrylic on archival watercolor paper. Approximately 6″ x 8″ but would work in a standard 5″ x 7″ mat opening with standard frame.

Prints approximately 5″ x 7″ with a white border on archival matte paper.

Copyright Texas Artist Artisan Sherry Key


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