Mixed Media Portrait: The Moon, The Stars, and a Boy

The Moon, The Stars, and a Boy

I don’t do guys. I’m talking as far as art is concerned. I definitely have a block when it comes to drawing or painting the male face or figure. They say every guy has a feminine side and if they do, I will be able to cosmically ferret it out.

I’m thinking it’s a mental block because like all babies, this young man really doesn’t have all the angles, signs of maturity, and manly features showing in his face yet.

It took three attempts at doing this portrait of Nikolas. I was in despair that I was going to get a take that was right. Finally I started over again on Friday night and worked through the weekend because my deadline was coming due. I finally came up with a version I was happy with.

Now the buyer is totally thrilled with this one, and likes it even better than the commissioned portrait I did of his niece, Jaylynn.

Ahhh…now the pressure is off for now, and life can go on.

Mixed media, acrylic and paper on archival canvas board.


P. S. Here is the original that I had to work with.  I thought his t-shirt saying “I Pood” was cute but probably not something he would want to see on there 20 years from now, then again maybe he would.



3 thoughts on “Mixed Media Portrait: The Moon, The Stars, and a Boy

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  1. I really like this, you’ve got his features just right.
    I love how creative you are with the background too. I’d have it on my wall with no emotional connection to the subject, and I think that’s the sign of a great commission. Bet the buyer was thrilled 🙂

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