Attention Jack In The Box “antenna ball” fans: The one of a kind “Pumpkin Jack” Is back!


“Death of Rudolph Jack” and “Birth of Pumpkin Jack”

October is here and I wanted to resurrect my Pumpkin Jack antenna ball I created last year. I love all the Jack antenna balls from Jack In The Box restaurants. I like to collect the seasonal ones to use on my 2-way radio antenna at work.

Last year I decided I wanted something for Halloween.

I took a Reindeer Rudolph Jack (at least he gave it up for a good cause}, then I ripped off his antlers, eyes, and little red nose until their was nothing left but a white ball.

The new eyes, nose and mouth for Pumpkin Jack, were cut out of some clip art (see photo), and colored black with marker. The stem came from one of Rudolph Jack’s antlers and colored with marker. Orange highlighter for the head.

Hey, don’t you think we need a Pumpkin Jack?

Mixed media, Installation art made of, markers, styrofoam ball, paper, and Rudolph Jack parts.

5 thoughts on “Attention Jack In The Box “antenna ball” fans: The one of a kind “Pumpkin Jack” Is back!

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    1. Thanks Kelly!

      I was hoping to jump start the campaign to get Jack In The Box to make some “Pumpkin Jacks” this year, but so far it’s not going to well…(-:

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