“How Miss Pig Got Her Wings” Artwork and Fairy Tale

Read my cute little story below to see how Miss Pig got her wings! Please let me know if you enjoy her heroic tale.

I had major shoulder surgery three weeks ago and have just recently felt like creating new art and getting back to my art blog.

Also, this is my November Nibblefest (NFAC) art contest entry where all art starts at just .99 cents on Ebay and runs the 20th through the 27th of each month. This month’s theme is “Nature.” You can bid on this cute little fantasy artwork HERE.

(Update: 12/2012-SOLD to Elise in NY in the November Nibblefest)

“How Miss Pig Got Her Wings”

“How Miss Pig Got Her Wings”

Miss pig so admired the fairies with their beautiful wings. One day she mustered up the courage to ask them how they got their wings so she could see how she could get some for herself. They just laughed at her and said “Mother Moon gave us our wings eons ago for heroic deeds that were performed by our kind. We have never seen a pig with wings and we never will…LOL.” (They like to use the newest slang words and terminology to keep up with what was currently going on in the present world).

They said “Go talk to Mother Moon about getting wings for yourself Miss Pig. She will get a big chuckle out of that.”

Miss Pig did go ask Mother Moon and she was very nice about it but said, “I’m sorry little piggy but you do have to perform an extraordinarily good deed, and I have never known of any pig to do that.”  Miss Pig was very sad.

One day she was playing in the sunshine in the woods, making piggy noises, and playing in the mud like all pigs are want to do. Then something bright and beautiful caught her eye. It was the biggest, most beautiful butterfly she had ever seen…trapped in a spider’s web. “Oh, you are the biggest and the prettiest butterfly I have ever seen.  I envy that you can fly and have the prettiest wings, EVER!”

“Yes, but as you see, a lot of good that does me. My time on this earth is very short as I will soon be food for Mr. Spider, and I am so sad.”  “I can’t STAND for that to happen” said Miss Pig. She licked all around the butterfly and got the web very wet and made it slick instead of sticky. “Now I’m going to dry my tongue and when I stick it up there see if you can get loose and stick to it, and then I will let you go.” And lo and behold her plan did work!

Miss Butterfly said, “I am your friend for life and I owe you one.” I can never thank you enough.” They frolicked and played and were inseparable friends from then on.

Miss Pig gave up her dream of having wings and never ask Mother Moon about it again. She was just happy having such a beautiful friend. But as sometimes happens an unselfish good deed will be rewarded. Miss Butterfly bragged on Miss Pig, far and wide. One day Mother Moon came to Miss Pig. “I heard of your wonderful, extraordinary deed and I have a reward for you…if Miss Butterfly agrees” (And Miss Butterfly did).

So Mother Moon gave them both the magic so every time they played together, Miss Butterfly could be Miss Pig’s wings and she would be able to fly! They flew everywhere together, had many other adventures, and were even the envy of all the fairies.

The End

Story and Artwork Copyright of Sherry Key 2012

No copying my artwork or story without my permission and without giving me credit…thank!


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