Art: “Cinderella Redux”

"Cinderella Redux"
“Cinderella Redux”

(Update-going to a Private Collection-1/28/2013)

Redux is a Latin word that means “brought back” or “revisited.”  Frequently I come up with a design that I want to take even further and make it even “more” than it was in the first artwork. In this case the original Cinderella in my previous post was a 4″ x 6″ OSWOA (always photo album size). Done in colored pencils and graphite on watercolor paper (See photo below).

"Cinderella Was A Redheaded Stepchild"
“Cinderella Was A Redheaded Stepchild”

Sometimes one will sell and I’ll be ask if I do another, or it’s just that I like it so much I’ll keep doing one similar on different backgrounds, or in different scenarios.

In the “Redux” (photo top of page), Cinderella is done with acrylics and colored pencils, then placed on an acrylic painted background, on a 7″ x 9″ canvas panel.  Here I was able to further develop both the character and the background. I played around with a darker color palette. Amazing how different that can make it.

Detailed Image

“Cinderella Redux” is signed, titled and dated “2013” on the back of the canvas panel.

Copyright Texas Artist Sherry Key

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Artwork is copyright of Texas Artist Artisan Sherry Key


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  1. LOOOVE the Cinderella redux!!!

    Geez. I always think of calling u at the most inopportune times, like now, for instance. 10:23 at night. On a school night! So, tomorrow I have a group that is usually done by Around 9:15. Would u b available to chat around 9:30. If yes, plz text me back at 501-612-8442. Only if it won’t make u use ur “text of the day!” Lol!!!

    Love u and miss u much! I hope we can connect tomorrow (Wednesday)

    Sent from my iPhone

    1. So tomorrow is now today, the 23rd, right? If so I will be sure to stay up so we can chat about 9:30. P.S. I gave up and went to the unlimited talk and text plan…lol. I will kind of miss saying you cost me 2.00 for the day though…:-)

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