“You KNOW You Love Me” 2 of 29 Faces in February Art Challenge

2.5″ x 3.5″ ACEO art card, acrylic painting, Pop Surreal

"You KNOW You Love Me"
“You KNOW You Love Me”

You know you love me…

“Yes, albeit painfully, cut the crap and quit yanking my chain bitch”…:-)


Number 2 of my 29. I’m only a few days behind. I’ve got #3 almost ready and will be posting it soon. Would love to hang…but I gotta get busy…(-:

They are having another create “29 Faces” in February, challenge. The last one I participated in was 29 Faces in the month of May, 2012. This time around any media goes so you may see some sketches, collage, and other mixed media from me.

There may be times I post everyday, or every couple of days. Hope you hang with me to see what I come up with. It can be pretty fast paced.

I’ll be posting some of these for sale on Ebay but haven’t decided which ones yet, or when. To see my current art for sale on Ebay click HERE.

If you are an artist interested in participating in 29 Faces in February click HERE to join. You better hurry though or you’ll have a lot of catchin up to do. (Yes, I’m slinging slang everywhere).


Copyright Texas Artist Sherry Key


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