6 – 11 of 29 Faces in February Art Challenge

I’ve got the same complaint this time as I did for last May’s art challenge. It’s work my day job, eat, sleep and try to draw or paint a face.

Subjects range from Big Eye art, a baby superhero, and a fancy kitty cat. All of these are finished drawings/paintings, and I haven’t quite gotten desperate enough to resort to sketches, which are allowed.

If all went smoothly it wouldn’t be so bad. Maybe it takes several tries to get a nose like you want it, or eyes, or a mouth just won’t shape up like you have it envisioned in your head. Oh well, I’m taking time away from creating more faces with my griping.

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These are all ACEO art cards. Very collectible 2.5″ x 3.5″ baseball sized artist cards. Acrylic, pencil, and mixed media artworks. I’m not too wild about the way the “Vampire Dog” turned out, but if I didn’t post that one it would put me behind two faces, and we can’t have that…lol. I do like the others though.


This is numbers 6 through 11 of the 29 Faces I am creating in February.

This time around any media goes so you may see some sketches, collage, and other mixed media from me.

There may be times I post everyday, or every couple of days. Hope you hang with me to see what I come up with. It can be pretty fast paced.

I’ll be posting some of these for sale on Ebay but haven’t decided which ones yet, or when. To see my current art for sale on Ebay click HERE.


Ayala Art, our hostess for 29 Faces click HERE.


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