22, 23, 24, 25, 26 of 29 Faces Art Challenge, three more faces to go, yay!

Woo Hoo! I might meet the deadline of creating 29 Faces in the 28 days of February. I’m getting so close I can taste it. There’s not a prize or an award just the satisfaction that you were able to accomplish it. Also, it’s been wonderful practice. With art it is absolutely true what they say that practice makes perfect. I’ve got a couple of 5″ x 7″ paintings in the works to complete my 29 Faces.

This first one is a colored pencil ACEO called “Girl Exotic.” Some of  the first girls I created early on when I got back into drawing after a long hiatus a few years ago, were based on the shape of a bowling pin. I thought it made for some interesting figures. I am thinking these would make interesting sculptures as well.

#22 “Girl Exotic”

Here is an earlier version done a few years ago, “Sylvia”


Then here is another acrylic, pencil ACEO “Felix Wearing the Green.”

#23 “Felix Wearing the Green”

And finally, three more cats. This one is called “Photobombing & Red Eye.” ACEO, colored pencil.

If you are staring directly at the camera when they are using flash…well let’s just say…someone will have to get the red eye tool out when they are photo editing. An example of this is the cat on the left. Blue eyes are especially notorious for this. Then we have the stranger to the far right that just jumped in to photobomb the other two. But, this did make the middle cat look to the side thus avoiding the red eye problem…(-:

24, 25, 26 "Photobombing and Red Eye"
24, 25, 26 “Photobombing and Red Eye”


22-26 of the 29 Faces I am creating in the 28 days in February for an art challenge.


Any media goes so you may see some sketches, collage, and other mixed media from me.

There may be times I post everyday, or every couple of days. Hope you hang with me to see what I come up with. It can be pretty fast paced.

I’ll be posting some of these for sale on Ebay but haven’t decided which ones yet, or when. To see my current art for sale on Ebay click HERE.


Ayala Art, our hostess for 29 Faces click HERE.


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