29 of 29 Faces in February 2013 art challenge, completed!

29 of the 29 Faces (and 1 extra face to grow on), I am creating in the 28 days in February for an art challenge. It’s been fun, but boy am I glad it’s over!

The Height Of Laziness
The Height Of Laziness

5″ x 7″ acrylic painting on mixed media paper. “The Height Of Laziness.” Or “That’s Pitiful,” “Spoiled.” Insert title here_____________. Ha, ha, ha!

I’m really digging the lemon yellow background. She’s also wearing Croc shoes…(-:

Don’t forget, all my artwork is copyrighted, by me, Sherry Key. (Hey, that rhymes)

No…I haven’t had anything to drink. I’m just giddy because I don’t have anymore faces to paint.


Just found out we’re in Mercury Retrograde. So that’s why my online art community is all screwed up. Also, I have been on Ebay since the early 2000’s and my whole Ebay just blew up. By that I mean, they don’t know what’s wrong with it and are trying to fix it. Nothing is there. First time I have ever had that problem. They are going to work on it and call me back tomorrow. If I had known we were in Mercury Retrograde I would have just waited to see if it rights itself in a few days.


I think over the weekend I will try to create a page and make a gallery of all 29 Faces I created. Have a great weekend Y’all.

To see my current art for sale on Ebay click HERE.


Ayala Art, our hostess for 29 Faces click HERE.


3 thoughts on “29 of 29 Faces in February 2013 art challenge, completed!

Add yours

  1. Oh I know the feeling! I love the challenge, but then I feel “free” when it’s done… but I’m missing it later on again. Right now I am not dine visiting all the blogs!
    So here I am, just wanted to say thanks for participating, so happy for you that you finished them all, and hope to see you in it again in Sept! :oD
    PS I love the yellow… I have been craving painting something yellow for weeks now. Last time I tried the bottle fell open on the carpet… boy, was it yellow LOL

    1. Thanks for stopping by Ayala. I super appreciate it. I know you had 100+ participants this month so it will take a while to visit.
      I am working on a Gallery for this one and last May. Getting pretty close…(-:
      I know what you mean about the yellow. I didn’t know I was going to like it so much, but I did. LOL…about your carpet. Maybe next time you’ll be able to get it on the canvas…(-:

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