Art: “Little Wood Sprite”

"Wood Sprite"
“Little Wood Sprite”

This little guy looks like he was blinded by the camera, but no, that’s just the way his eyes look. I was probably only able to get this shot because he was out in a field of flowers instead of in the woods where you usually find these little buggers.

That necklace isn’t just for looks either. It’s a handy little collector of nature’s charms when you don’t have your bag with you but it is considered very stylish too. As you can see he’s collected a leaf, rock, ladybug, jewel of some kind, and a flower.  I frankly love the little antlers…so cute.

Original 2.5″ x 3.5″ very collectible baseball sized ACEO art card done in colored pencils, mixed media on card stock weight art paper. Manga inspired artwork.

Art of Skey on Ebay

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