8, 9 of 29 Faces “Synopses and Synapses” September 2013

I’m going to tattle on myself. It’s amazing what a difference one letter can make in the English language.

I keep a section in my blog sidebar called “Brain Farts” where I keep little sayings that flit through my mind. You may have read them or not even noticed them at all. I put them there as much for my entertainment as anyone else’s. Anyway I had one that said “Synopses are the path to enlightenment.” It has been there for months.

My meaning at the time was synapses with an “A” having to do with neurons and the electrical or chemical signals to the brain being the path, but because of the letter “O” the meaning was completely different from my original intent. Of course the brain activity and ability it takes to summarize a story could be enlightening in it’s own way.

Summaries and E-Stim.
Summaries and E-Stim.

If you find any errors in this just remember I am not an English or Science major and my blog is mostly about art but It ended up being a topic for two more of my faces for the challenge. Synopses and synapses were involved in this artwork and story…(-:


29 Faces in the 30 days of September hosted by Ayala Art.



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