18 of 29 Faces “Not Another Birthday?!!” September 2013 (Nibblefest)

“What thuh?! Not another one!”

Yes, the birthdays never end. From the day you are born until the day you die. The older you get the faster they come back around.

No, really, I’m serious. I don’t care what the scientist say. I saw it on the internet so it’s a proven fact.

Even though it’s September, I chose October Birthdays for my subject because they are coming up pretty quickly. Tourmalines and Opals are October’s birthstone.

This original artwork would make a great present for any month and bidding starts at just .99 cents. (see details below)

8″ x 8″ completely hand painted canvas and black and white images. An original artwork on canvas panel. Signed Skey, titled and dated on the back.

By Texas artist Sherry Key


UPDATE: Nibblefest is over, thank you for your interest!

This is also my entry for the September Nibblefest art show on Ebay where all art starts at just .99 cents. A great bargain for those that want to own a piece of my artwork.

This month’s theme for NFAC (Nibblefest) is “Birthdays and Anniversaries” and the auction runs the 20th through the 27th of each month.


29 Faces hosted by Ayala Art.


Graphic images for some of my artworks from Graphics Fairy.

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