Photography-hand colored “I Got Bit By Edward”

This self portrait of Lacy was done in 2010 quite a while before I had heard of “Selfies” or before it became a well known word anyway. I see nothing wrong with Selfies if they can be as tastefully done and as dramatic as this one.

Most are just amateur and lame. I also think the hand coloring is tastefully done if I do say so myself.  I wanted to color just enough for it to stand out and not look overdone.

I think it has a dramatic black and white Film Noir feel. We’ve come a long way from the black and white scary movies we used to watch that gave me nightmares for weeks. Just taking out the trash at night was a heart stopper.

"I Got Bit By Edward"
“I Got Bit By Edward”

I have found at times there is a good purpose for Selfies. You know when you are sight seeing you don’t want all the photos to be of just scenery and buildings. You have to have a photo of people tossed in every now and then to break up the monotony and sometimes there just aren’t any people around or, there’s no one to take a photograph of you thus Selfies can come in handy.

Photo printed in black/white and hand colored by

Texas Artist Sherry Key.

Portrait by LC Photography.


2 thoughts on “Photography-hand colored “I Got Bit By Edward”

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  1. I’ve never done a selfie Sherry. I guess I’m vain because all I see in photos of myself is an old man. I guess selfies are for the young folks. It has occurred to me to do a drawing of myself doing a selfie. Maybe one of your cool kitties could do a selfie too. 🙂

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