Nibblefest Art (2nd entry): Framed “Fall Owl” ACEO

What a deal! You get this cute little owl ACEO (a hand painted collage held on by photo corners on a cardboard back ground) AND…

this darling hand painted frame. Great fall colors. Starting at just .99 cents…yes, really!

I think this is my favorite of the two entries I have in this month’s Nibblefest art contest on Ebay where art must start at just 99 cents and runs the 20th through the 27th.

This month’s theme is “Owls.”

I’m working on three other owl artworks for the rest of October and will get those posted as they are completed, but only these two for Nibblefest.

(See links below for these two items on Ebay).

"Fall Owl" decorated frame included
“Fall Owl” decorated frame included

**To see all the details (more photos too) about the hand decorated frame (frame included) and the mixed media ACEO “Fall Owl” on Ebay (Click Here).

My second entry on Ebay is “Owls, Friendship and Love”


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