Art: A Most Creative Weekend…

What do you get when you put two creative artists together that just happened to be related? You get a creative team called ALA-SKY, that’s what!

Went to stay with my cousin Alana Tyson in Little Rock, Arkansas this last weekend and there was so much creative energy going on I’m surprised her cute little Victorian style house didn’t catch on fire. We stayed up until the wee hours of the morning two days in a row, that is if you call 4:00 am the “wee” hours. I call it more the “crack ass of dawn” myself. So, that’s before the “crack of dawn” but later than “wee hours.”

We got a couple of collaborative pieces done and then a few that we did on our own. I’d do something on a canvas and pass it to her to do something else and we kept going back and forth until we both deemed the artwork finished.

Below is just one of the creative pieces we did together.

"Will Work For Paris" Collage, painting.
“Will Work For Paris” Collage, painting.

If you want to get your daily dose of smiles and a booster shot of self worth and positive feelings…this artwork is infused with it.

Mixed media acrylic paper collage painting on 10″ x 8″ canvas panel. Signed by both artists (Alana Tyson and Sherry Key) in the lower right hand corner.

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For Sale  “Will Work For Paris”


4 thoughts on “Art: A Most Creative Weekend…

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  1. Sherry, I feel badly we didn’t get to visit while you were in L.R. It would have been nice to have dinner or something. Next time you come to town I definately want to leave my cell phone number with you. My landline is in the phone book. Sounds like you had a productive visit to our city.

    1. I was thinking it would have been nice to meet long enough to exchange those drawings, have a coffee…(-: Other than that might have been hard pressed to fit anything else in. I’m planning on going again maybe once or twice next year.

      We’ll have to see, eh?

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