Art: November Nibblefest “At Sunset” giraffe, sharpie marker painting

This is my entry in the EBSQ Sharpie Show on EBSQ and my November Nibblefest entry where all art starts at .99 cents on Ebay. Seven day auction the 20th thru the 27th. Theme this month is “Giraffes.”AT SUNSET on Ebay

"At Sunset"
“At Sunset”

This is how I imagine it would be at sunset. The western sun is setting in front leaving a blazing trail in the background and on the giraffe.

It’s already looking like a night sky in the background and the mountains are in shadows.

Approximately 4.5″ x 6.5″ Done in Sharpie Limited Edition MOD color permanent markers. This took about 7 hours which was a few hours longer than I thought it would be.

Challenging because I found I had to create the illusion of blending colors and shading because they don’t have a large range of gradation in Sharpies  as they do in other brands of art markers.

Also they bleed when applied to paper and you have to learn to incorporate that aspect as well. Overall though I absolutely loved the bright colors.

I would love your vote in the EBSQ Sharpie Show! Anyone can vote if they are logged into Facebook using the Facebook “Like” button under the artwork. The ones with the most Facebook votes are awarded “Clouds” Choice or Mention awards. You can vote at the Sharpie Show HERE.

Simple Framing Suggestion
Simple Framing Suggestion

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