Art: “A Lovely Season” Watercolor, ink ACEO

"A Lovely Season"

Tis the season…Fall…a lovely time of year!

Normally not too hot, not too cold…most of the time.

Leaves changing colors. Animals putting on weight and fur thickening.

Laying in firewood, getting out winter coats and gear.

Enjoying the warmth of a fire in a fireplace or a fire pit outside.

All in preparation for the colder weather that is inevitably on it’s way.

Fall is about change. We don’t always like change but usually it’s for the better.

This is my second ever watercolor. Another one of those mediums I have been putting off trying. Now that I have worked past the fear of the unknown I’m excited about what working with watercolors is opening up for me.

Have a blessed season…Sherry


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2 thoughts on “Art: “A Lovely Season” Watercolor, ink ACEO

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  1. Adorable!! Love it and you did awesome with the watercolors! It is one medium that I am not very comfortle with so I can understand the fear! Awesome job! 🙂

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