Art: Loki “Out of the Flames” Fanart by Amanda Makepeace

"Out of the Flames"
“Out of the Flames”

My son Lance recently loaned me “Thor, the Dark World.” Loved it. I watched it in bits and pieces between other things I was doing at home, so I think I’ll have to watch it a few more times to catch some of the nuances.

Amanda Makepeace is a wonderful digital artist. She does great acrylic and watercolor paintings too but has had some arthritis and other health issues that had her trying out digital art. She has fine tuned her art in the digital world now as well. Her art has been featured on several book covers. Quite an accomplishment.

The following is a couple of excerpts from my interview with Amanda:

“Tumblr is my everything blog. I post about my art, my cat, things that inspire me, my hobbies, books and comics, and anything else that catches my fancy. An easy to way to see everything I post is through the archive at Tumblr. I love this feature! –> ”

“Out of the Flames was painted for Loki Month on Tumblr, but also for the EBSQ Fan Art exhibit later this year. There’s a free download pack of 2 desktop wallpapers and wallpapers for phones and tablets on my Tessera Bio Page: ”

I’m a big “fan” of her Fanart.


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  1. Thank you so much Sherry! My transition from traditional to digital was a little scary at first, but in the last six months I feel like I’ve broken new ground with my imagination. 😀

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