Art: “Paris in the Springtime” ACEO

Fear of something…

Paris as I would imagine it anyway. Not that I’ve ever been…but it might be a goal of mine.

It might be New York or Paris…or maybe I’ll just stay home here in Dallas, Texas.

I don’t know yet…I have some fears I may have to overcome to make one of those trips.

Been wanting to travel. Been longing to travel again. Just have to get up the courage.

I just don’t seem to be as brave as I was in my younger days. But for the right reasons, and comfortable seasons, I might be tempted…(-:

CeCe in Paris

Here is CeCe (pronounced see see) in Paris. I know at first glance you thought she was wearing some designer label but no, It’s just a knockoff by me…Skey.

I’m not sure what it’s a knockoff of, but I’m sure it’s a knockoff of something. After all, according to some, just about everything has been done.

Looking at this artwork now sure makes me smile. It is so bright and colorful and funkylicious. Soooo late 1960’s or early 1970’s.


Have a fabulous Monday dahlings!!



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