Art: “Tarzan’s Jane” Mixed media, paper collage

Tarzan's Jane by Sherry Key

Tropical jungle and a young, nubile Jane as I would have imagined a young sexy woman in the early 1900’s when the Tarzan novels were penned by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

8″ x 10″  archival canvas board. Rich colors, patterns and design done in oils, mixed media, paper collage and hand painted black and white image of my version of Jane.

I love Sci-Fi and discovered Edgar Rice Burroughs many Sci-Fi novels in late 2012. I’ve read all the John Carter of Mars collection and most of the Barsoom collection and some in those series I have gone back and re-read, several times.

I’m just amazed that someone in that era was such a forward thinker of  science fiction. I’ve seen a lot of modern science fiction movies that I thought were original ideas of today’s famous movie directors and producers but now I know they must have tuned into the ideas and concepts from these novels.

Sure they have mostly made the movies their own but still, it feels like they had to have had inspiration from Edgar Rice Burroughs. Burroughs has lots of other SciFi novels I haven’t gotten around to yet but I have those to look forward to.

I also didn’t know how many Tarzan novels there are and am looking forward to getting to those as well.

“Tarzan’s Jane” artwork copyright Sherry Key a.k.a. Skey

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