Art: “I’m Late” This month’s theme is “Time.”

My theme for my artwork this month is “Time.”

I’m enjoying coming up with concepts and ideas that correspond with each month’s Nibblefest theme. I may be on this monthly theme kick for a while.

In case you haven’t read it on one of my previous posts, Nibblefest (NFAC) is a monthly art theme group that I participate in on Ebay. All artwork in NFAC has to start at .99 cents no reserve, run somewhere between the 20th through the 27th (has to end on the 27th), and needs to be loosely created around that month’s theme.

We’ll see how many artworks I finish that are “Time” theme related and what I will be putting in the auction for this month’s Nibblefest.

When I can't find my joy...I paint!
When I can’t find my joy…I paint!

I love this painting.

Working with the different mediums,

the bright colors,

concentrating on making it work,

reworking areas,

cutting, pasting, drawing, painting.

I’m happy,

not worrying.

Time, it doesn’t matter…at all!

Nope, when you’re creatin time don’t matter,

not one darn bit!





Frameable area approximately  8″ x 10″ Watercolor, mixed media, collage on paper.

Pop Surreal, Folk Art by Sherry Key aka Skey




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