“How to celebrate your birthday with or without peeps.”

When you get to be my age and you’ve had so many birthdays people tend to forget more easily so I’ve come up with a few tips to celebrate your birthday with or without your peeps.

Waaa? I don't know how old she is!
Waaa? I don’t know how old she is!

*Put it out there in the universe. Think positive and what a great day you are going to have.

*Start telling everyone you want to know about it ahead of time. I suggest a week because people have a hard time remembering if you tell them any earlier. Remember everyone is busy in this day and age and they have so many things to do, places to go, etc. Then maybe remind them the day before…just in case.


a. you are into laying a guilt trip on them for forgetting.

b. or you think you will get more goodies by association of their guilt.

(In that case skip the step above)

*Prepare ahead of time to take your special day off. Mine fell on a Wednesday this year so I took a day of vaca. If anyone deserves it you do. Believe me you won’t regret it.

(Skip this step too if: a. you are retired, or b. for some other reason you already have the day off)

Me and Dot
Me and Dot

*Buy your own gift wrap or gift bag. My sister had this great idea. She gave me $10.00 and said if I wanted to go buy my own gift bag then I could pick out just what I wanted and she told me what size I would need. This turned out to be a great idea because I went to Dollar Tree and got a fabulous big bag and tissue paper for a couple of bucks. It’s beautiful enough to pass on to someone else for their special day AND I made a profit. A win, win in my books.

*Buy some decorations. On a tight budget dollar stores and Walmart are the way to go. With the seven dollars and change I had left over I was able to get some sparklies to decorate with including balloons, a Happy Birthday crown and a sign to stretch across my windows.

*Get yourself a special treat. A small birthday cake or fancy birthday cake with a candle is a good idea. I received a pre-birthday large pan pizza yesterday and that works too. I like leftover pizza so that’s what I had for breakfast today and will munch on throughout the day. A yummy for me tummy. (Not for everyone but hey,whatever floats your boat, right?)

*Blog, and talk about it on social media if you so desire.

*This is a good day to take a selfie preferably with your decorations in the background.

Be good to your selfie!
Be good to your selfie!
"Is that a balloon coming out of your ear?
“Is that a balloon coming out of your ear?

*Use aromatherapy if you like that sort of thing. I am burning a jar soy candle called “Birthday Cake.”

*Wear a birthday hat or crown all day to keep you in the mood.

Well, my son just dropped by for a visit and gave me a present, yay! Sister had me open gifts from her yesterday. My daughter is coming by after she gets off work. My mom called and sang happy birthday. I’ve already gotten some great gifts. Gifts are not what it’s all about for me but I certainly won’t turn them down.

Mom and Son
Mom and Son

Then I’m getting together with some Fam this next weekend to celebrate. So I am celebrating all week.

*Last but not least “Have Fun”!! Remember sometimes it’s a choice. I can choose to be happy or sad and today has been a happy one.


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