“Happy Lefthanders Day”

Celebrate National Left Handers Day with me today.

Fact: Down through the ages, including biblical times, left has been associated with everything that is bad and evil.


Fact: Creating art and many other day to day things can be a little challenging at times for us left handed folk living in a right handed world.


Thank goodness for the newer fast dry ink and gel pens!


Most of us learned to adapt at an early age and if the world ever flips upside down and is geared to the elite 10% population…right handers will be screwed.

tumblr_mri5p7OkRF1rjq1quo1_1280 (1)

Hey, I didn’t say that! (he, he)

What's wrong with this picture?
What’s wrong with this picture?



Famous Lefties:

Too many to list so click on the photo link below to check out the long list of famous lefties.



Have a great Left Handers Day!!






5 thoughts on ““Happy Lefthanders Day”

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  1. As a lefty I am glad to know there is a “Lefthanders Day”. Yippee!! We aren’t bad or evil so glad that attitude has changed. Worth celebrating for sure. Cheers!

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