Art: ACEO “Pan” August Theme: “Forest Creatures”

I have been making whatever the Nibblefest Ebay art show theme is; my theme on my blog each month as well.

Right now though I have a pretty good backlog of other artworks and probably will only get around to two or three pieces for this month’s theme “Forest Creatures.”

Looks can be deceiving!
Looks can be deceiving!

This one likes you to think he is mischievous, innocent and funny when really he can be spiteful, mean and cruel.

Don’t be fooled.


All of the Pans (Wikipedia)

Pan could be multiplied into a swarm of Pans, and even be given individual names, as in Nonnus’ Dionysiaca, where the god Pan had twelve sons that helped Dionysus in his war against the Indians. Their names were Kelaineus, Argennon, Aigikoros, Eugeneios, Omester, Daphoineus, Phobos, Philamnos, Xanthos, Glaukos, Argos, and Phorbas.

Two other Pans were Agreus and Nomios. Both were the sons of Hermes, Agreus’ mother being the nymph Sose, a prophetess: he inherited his mother’s gift of prophecy, and was also a skilled hunter. Nomios’ mother was Penelope (not the same as the wife of Odysseus). He was an excellent shepherd, seducer of nymphs, and musician upon the shepherd’s pipes. Most of the mythological stories about Pan are actually about Nomios, not the god Pan. Although, Agreus and Nomios could have been two different aspects of the prime Pan, reflecting his dual nature as both a wise prophet and a lustful beast.


“Pan” is mixed media, collage on paper and a 2.5″ 3.5″ ACEO art card.

Very popular size. Excellent for collecting in baseball card and game card albums, cases, etc. and also makes a great framed miniature artwork.

Original artwork by Sherry Key a.k.a. Skey



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