2014 Animefest Convention, Dallas, Texas

You will all be glad to know that I didn’t take one “selfie” at the convention. I started to say “selfie of myself”  but then who else would I be taking a selfie of.

Not that I’m a big selfie taker anyway but I do like saying the word, selfie.

I’m going to post some photos of the view outside the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Dallas where the convention was held and a few of the Con characters as well.

Let’s start with some cosplay.

A real dragon...psych!
A real dragon…psych!


Animefest 2014
Animefest 2014


Life Size Plushies and a stranger…(-:


A Batman and a Bane
A Batman and a Bane


Game of Thrones (I’m pretty sure that dragon egg is fake!)

There really were lots of costumes that would put these to shame but I didn’t take a lot of pictures because I was busy attending interesting classes and checking out the Artists Gallery and the Dealers Room.


Outside the Sheraton it was kind of a rainy, overcast day with late afternoon thunderstorms. I’m sounding like the weather man now, or should I say weather person.

Pretty good photos I think since my digital camera is a small 10 year old Polaroid. It doesn’t adjust for shaking and jittery movements so I have to concentrate to hold it really still.



I think my favorite class was a 2.5 hour Japanese Sumi-e ink painting class but that will be for another post. You might be surprised but these conventions can be very educational especially when it comes to the arts.

Lot’s of classes, role playing, costuming, gaming, visual eye candy and art, art, art.

This is my second of these types of events to go to and now I’m checking out when the next one is coming to town.




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