Art: “Make New Friends”

September’s theme for my art blog and this month’s Nibblefest is “Furry Friends.”

You might see actual fur on some of my art this month but mostly you just have to assume there is fur involved.

“Some friends are worth hanging onto.”

“Make new friends but keep the old,

One is silver and the other is gold.”


I learned that one in Brownies. In case you aren’t familiar with Brownies, that’s what you are before you become a Girl Scout.

If you don’t know what a Girl Scout is…I can’t help you.

Anyhoo, it’s great to make new friends but it’s also wonderful to keep in touch with old friends, especially if they are good ones.




Watercolor, mixed media. Frameable area is approximately 5″ x 7.” A OOAK totally original Skey…:-)


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