Art: “Curious Daphne” Altered Art, September NFAC entry starting at .99 cents

This is my September Ebay #Nibblefest art entry. See all details and Daphne’s story below.


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“Daphne is Curious”

Everyone has their curiosities and I am no different.

During the day the red coral is peach so I wait until night when it transforms to a shiny, deep red.

If I collect the coral while it is red, it stays red. Doesn’t it look beautiful in my collection bottle?

It will look even better on the shelf with the rest of my collection at home.

I’m not really fond of peach coral as it’s kind of dull and lifeless compared to the red.

Wish my antlers were red, but “if wishes were fishes” and all that.

I guess I could paint them but that’s not really the same, is it?

Your furry friend,


Daphne is #1, the “First Piece” in the “Curiosities and Collectors” series.

This is my Nibblefest (NFAC) entry for September. This month’s theme is “Furry Friends.”
Bidding starts at just .99 cents on Ebay and will end on Saturday the 27th at around  5:00 pm CST (Texas time).
Wood box is 3″ x 5″
Ingredients: Mixed media painting assemblage on wood, glass bottle, coral shaped beads, wire.

(Click HERE to see “Curious Daphne, Red Coral Collector” on Ebay)


Artwork copyrighted by Sherry Key a.k.a. Skey


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