Art: “Kin to Jackalope” graphite, ink

Keeping with this month’s theme of “Two or more creatures mixed together” I have done a graphite and ink illustration of a Bunnylope.

Not as well known as the cousin of their species the Jackalope.

"Bunnylope" by Sherry Key

Mythical Bunnylopes:

  • Long floppy ears
  • Higher body fat count
  • Big soulful eyes
  • Sweeter disposition, too trusting
  • Slow and casual jumper
  • All around soft and fluffy fur

Mythical Jackalopes:

  • Ears that usually stick straight up
  • Lean bodies and stringy muscles
  • Eyes…well you don’t really want one looking at you
  • Paranoid and skittish
  • Fast hoppers…in fact you probably won’t ever see one
  • Hair feels kind of like a Wire Terrier

These are the facts. I don’t even think I could make these kind of things up if I wanted to…(-:



5″ x 7″, graphite, ink.

Very original artwork by Sherry Key a.k.a. Skey

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