Sketchbook: Elfin Princess, work in progress…(-:

12/2/2014-Making progress.Here I’ve got more of an outline going on the cloak and have started a more detailed design on part of the hood and a little more shading and tone everywhere as well. This was a scan and came out closer to the true colors as opposed to the first photo I took in poor lighting.

12/2/2014 of WIP


I haven’t posted since the 20th but I was taking a self imposed Thanksgiving break from blogging but not from doing art. Cooked and spent time with family, finished a few paintings, still have a few in progress, and then started this sketch of what has become (in my mind) an Elfin Princess. All while watching all my feel good Hallmark channel holiday movies.

Here she is so far with fingerprint smudges and all.

She needs a cool name.
She needs a cool name.

After completing the main body of the sketch I added some color to the eyes and hair to spur me on. I bought some Spectrum Noir Professional alcohol ink art markers a month ago that I have been dying to play with.

I like working in mixed media because if one tool doesn’t get the effect I’m going for then I will use whatever is needed to get it.

I think the darkest areas you see are going to be part of a cloak. Frame-able area will end up around 5″ x 7.”




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