Art: “Sometimes Training Is Necessary” Ink, markers on paper.

I live out in the country and my cat is outside about half of the time. My neighbor has a barn and Schitzy thinks she is a barn kitty. I don’t have much luck at training her but she has me pretty well trained and she knows it.

Schitzy the cat "Good luck with that."
Schitzy the cat “Good luck with that.”

Here’s what I’ve learned. If she meows that usually means one of three things. She wants more food in her bowl, she wants fresh water or she wants to go outside.

If I don’t do one of those things in what Schitzy thinks is a timely manner then she gets insistent with more meowing and if she starts rubbing up against me I know she is serious.

Schitzy is very independent and I’m trying to train her to be a lap kitty. My daughter says not to get my hopes up.


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