Art: “Kabuki Cosplay” Mixed Media on gallery canvas

Update 12/23/2014-Ack…I don’t usually have to do this but I could not hack that green door I did in the first version of this. I almost didn’t like it from the beginning.

The color wasn’t going right and neither was the design so I took out the door and added a tree…now I feel good about the whole painting. This design is very pleasing to me.


My son so admired a smaller version of this painting that was done on paper that I did this larger version for him on gallery wrapped canvas.


He loved the mischievous expressions on these two. Also he has two artworks of Iron Man that he loves so I decided to paint these characters in Iron Man colors of red and gold.

My son and his friends he grew up with still have a love of everything science fiction and anime and I admit I’m still a big fan too.

I haven’t given it to him yet but I think he’ll like it…(-:


"Kabuki Cos Play" by Sherry Key
Green door version…me no likey.



11″ x 12″-Printed black and white cutouts of one of my previous artworks, painted and collaged onto hand painted gallery wrapped canvas. Original artwork by Sherry Key a.k.a. Skey

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