Art: “Ten Rules Every Artist Should Live By”

Happy 2015!

I love visiting my online artists friends websites and blogs and reading about their year in review. Of course we’ve all had sad moments but most of us have had many happy experiences to share. Amanda Makepeace posted this article from (see link below) on her Facebook and I thought I would share it here.

So don’t give up, be your true creative self, encourage each other, never stop learning, don’t be too full of yourself, and let’s look forward to an even fuller creative year my dear fellow artists…Sherry



From Elite Daily:

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”-Pablo Picasso

At some point in life, many of us aspired to be some kind of an artist — a painter, a writer, a musician, a dancer, etc.

However, life may have beaten that dream out of us. Some of us lose determination over time while others may focus more on other aspects in life and lose interest.

Some of us listen to bad advice, like how impractical certain desires are, and allow the naysayers to crush dreams before our very eyes.

However, some of us still uphold the dream and fight the good fight. The path of an artist is different for each person, and along my path, I’ve been lucky enough to meet many wonderful artists of various media.

From their advice, navigating adversity and embracing self-discovery, I was able to become a professional of sorts, and now, young aspiring artists often ask me for advice.

Usually, I offer the following tips that I’ve gleaned from my mentors and learned myself along the way:

Link to Ten Rules


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