Art: Eely Schmeilly” the Eel

I’ve got one more fun artwork to go along with this month’s Nibblefest theme which was “Create something that starts with the third letter of your real first name.” Mine is Sh(e)rry.

Animals I could think of were elephant, eagle, and emu. I forgot all about the lovely and cuddly eel.

Meet Eely Schmeilly (pronounced eel-e smeeely).

Apparently I had this romantic notion that eels were lovely creatures but in all the photos I have seen I think I was romanticizing them a little too much.

Well, no matter what your perception of ugly or beautiful is you have to admit Eely is surrounded by some cool colorful coral.

"Not a cavity one."!
“Not a cavity one.”!



Artwork copyright of Sherry Key a.k.a. Skey


4 thoughts on “Art: Eely Schmeilly” the Eel

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    1. Thanks Sarah! I could be moving in the next two months or so. I am going to try for my usual two post a week but for sure once a week.

      That’s the reason I haven’t been online as much to go visit my peeps sites…Sherry

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