Art: ACEO “Blue Black Bear” Mystery of the lost files…

Well, I am quite saddened. I am in the process of moving this month and probably part of April and somewhere in the process of packing I have lost two cute little works of art.

One had already sold and I had to refund the buyers money…sniff.

You know how messy things get when you are going through things and packing. They could be in a bag, a box, an envelope, or a folder. Hopefully one I unpack and that doesn’t go to storage.

Mommy come find me...sniff.
Mommy come find me…sniff.

I miss you little bear. Hang in there. Hopefully mommy will find you soon.


The one that I sold that is lost is “You’re Invited.” Perhaps you remember this one from my previous post.

I put joy and giggles into this one.

It was so celebratory but alas, is no more.

The party that wasn't.
The party that wasn’t.

If you would please spend today sending me “happy thoughts” it would be much appreciated…(-:



4 thoughts on “Art: ACEO “Blue Black Bear” Mystery of the lost files…

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  1. Thanks Sarah. I love that bear. Hope I find him.

    Well you are back in the loop on your internet and when I move I am going to be trying to find a provider for internet. Found out the people across the street have it but can’t get it on my side of the street. I’m still researching though.

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