Art: “Disruption of the Space Time Continuum”

This month’s Nibblefest theme and thus my blog theme is”Space, Planets, and Stars.”

I am currently working on a new piece but while I am busy packing and moving to my new house this month I am going to post some of my past favorite artworks that fit in with the theme.

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“Disruption of the Space Time Continuum”


Temperature 84 degrees.

Hurricane like conditions.

Disruption of the Space-Time Continuum is eminent. 

Tear in the fabric of the universe.
Time fluctuation, character re-fabrication.
Directional antennas useless.
Cute debris, wreckage and ruin everywhere.
Send help.
End Transmission.

5 x 7 inches mixed media (ink, acrylic, collage) hand painted frame with clock collage to match the 4 x 6 art print. Has a stand for tabletop and a small metal loop if you prefer to hang on a small nail.

Pop Surrealism and Fantasy artwork copyrighted by Sherry Key.

One thought on “Art: “Disruption of the Space Time Continuum”

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  1. Thank You for Loving Art and letting us into your Realm! I hope to someday be able to display a piece of your art so I can enjoy it everyday!
    Ray Ray Smooth

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