Art: “Summer Days Drifting Away” Mixed media on paper


Even though I am now in my very own new little house my studio is still in boxes and I have been having a serious need to work on some new art.

It seems like it’s been a year instead of a month or so since I have had time to create something new.

Our lives are so busy we do need to make time for ourselves, life’s little pleasures and downtime so that our minds and bodies can rest and renew.

For me these times don’t just happen, I have to make it happen. It’s extremely important in order for us to be at the top of our mental, spiritual and physical health to be able to commune with our mind, spirit and body. This helps our creative health as well.

I want to encourage everyone to take a moment to just be with you and love on you and you alone.

I sketched the girl and the cat on some card stock and then used them as a collage on my background. I went free and wild with some colorful distress inks for my background and then finished up the details in ink and pencil.

9 x 12 collage and mixed media on paper.

I liked this one so much I’ve already hung it on one of my new walls.

Mood: Cheerful…(-:

With love,




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