Art: “I Wanna Be A Tree” Theme: Winter Holiday

See that snowman in the background? I’m his mom because I built him. I found some great branches for his arms. I love trees. I’m pretendin to be one.

I think that snowman is givin me some attitude. He’s like “what the heck does she need branches for arms for? She’s got real ones.”

I’ve got my real arms under my coat that’s true I’m not lyin. I just don’t think he appreciates my imagination.

What does he know? He’s mostly made out of snow anyways. If he’s not nicer to me I might just tell him he’s adopted. Not that there’s anything wrong with adopted cause my middle sister is one and we love her.

I’m just sayin if he thinks I’m his real biology mom he might be in for disappointments.

"I Wanna Be A Tree" by Sherry Key

Original painting on paper by Sherry Key nom de plume “Skey”

5 thoughts on “Art: “I Wanna Be A Tree” Theme: Winter Holiday

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  1. The title reminds me of an advert made by David Bailey a couple of decades ago for insurance or something. It featured several children saying what they wanted to be when they grew up. The one I always remember is a little girl saying, ‘I want to be a tomato.’ I’ve quoted it for years!

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