Art: “Pee In Suit Please” journal page 3

I started this art blog in May 2010 and I was looking through some old post of mine and found an old favorite that I would like to re-blog today. It was a sad time but looking at this little guy always cheers me up and the little poem makes me think of Tom with smiles. A lot of the times my poetry doesn’t follow rules or necessarily have any rhyme or reason…they are just heartfelt.

Unknown to me, the evening I created this little artwork was the evening that Tom left his earthly body. It made the little words I wrote around the edge of the page more poignant.



May 2014: A dear colleague of mine has passed away.

Art colors my life.
Art colors my life.


The day is gray.

The only color in my life is art.

Actually just typing the words

“Pee in suit please” makes me smile.

Tom was always a larger than life presence.

Known him for 16 years.

We had our cantankerous moments but that’s just part of life.

Without those moments life would be sterile and boring.

Jolly, cheerful, busy, we used to say he was spinning.

Yes, he was a spinner I’d say, and full of life.

We’ll miss him here.




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