Art: “My Pet Chinese Dragon Redux”

On my previous post where the challenge was to create an artwork from a scribble I created an artwork named “My Pet Chinese Dragon.”

I kept wanting to carry the artwork a little bit further and after mulling it over in my head I started trimming away at it with some decorative edging scissors and placing the loose pieces in various configurations using black paper as my background.

It is sometimes hard to let yourself do this with the original because after all you put in on the artwork the first time, you can’t uncut it once you have cut it, as it were.

"My Pet Chinese Dragon Redux"
“My Pet Chinese Dragon Redux”

Then I cut some more pieces and parts and some of them looked like they would make good clouds so I painted those blue with white dots and placed those here and there until it was pleasing to me. And it was good.

I took a photo of this through the glass because I haven’t affixed any of the pieces to the black paper yet so it’s not as clear as it is in person.

This version has more depth and interest to me. I “likey”…(-:

Great Monday day to you! Why am I talking like this? I don’t know.




5 thoughts on “Art: “My Pet Chinese Dragon Redux”

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    1. Thank you Dean! I hope to find the time to participate again. In the meantime I am really enjoying seeing what you all come up with from the weekly scribbles challenge on your blog.

  1. I think talking about our creative process is so much fun, which is why you are talking about yours. Like how a final piece comes together can be more interesting than the final result for an artist.

    And I agree, just spending a little more time with your work ended up adding so much more to it. Turned out great! 🙂

      1. You’re most welcome! Yes, I did see that you posted on Rarasaur’s post over on my blog. She is super funny and super awesome, if you haven’t run across her blog. 🙂

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