Art: “The Pain Chronicles” Artwork #1


It’s the dead of night. I’m standing at my stove where I have gathered some of my favorite colors of paints, pens, pencils, brushes and markers and looking at the interesting design on the inside of the Yogi box. What an interesting pattern. I start picturing a painting that I can incorporate into the patterns that already exist. In my mind for this short period of time the pain recedes.

“I live in mushroom houses the pink are full of pain. I live in mushroom houses that are rotting from within. There is no color inside just dark and dank and vain.

I live in mushroom houses that rot within from pain. The outside a facade, a pink and pretty face. No one can imagine the pain that’s in this place.”


I live in mushroom houses…

Original mixed media painting on cardboard (Yogi box pieces) by Sherry Key Skey

Click on photo to go to Yogi Kava website


Unless otherwise stated all artworks, poems, sayings and writings are original copyrighted material by Sherry Key Skey

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