Art: “The Pain Chronicles” Artwork #2

The Pain Chronicles were done over about a three month period of physical pain and suffering. Of course this in turn caused mental, emotional and physical stress. I don’t think it’s important what the problem was just that I am just now feeling up to posting the art that I did during this period.

I was at times prolific. I don’t know if I’ll get everything posted or not. I’m just posting as I feel like it and as I have the energy. I am not going to stress about a schedule right now.

There were moments I felt like I was working in a drug induced haze and others that I thought I had moments of crystal clear clarity…of course that could have been the pain meds too…(-:

2:00am on a weeknight.

Mirroring, and incorporating some of the existing box pattern was soothing to me. These artworks I have been doing in the last few months feel more soft focus. Not as technical as my usual style. I think I like it…(-:

5×7 Original mixed media painting by Sherry Key Skey on cardboard (piece of Yogi box) on (piece of Bath & Body box)


Unless otherwise stated all artworks, poems, sayings and writings are original copyrighted material by Sherry Key Skey


4 thoughts on “Art: “The Pain Chronicles” Artwork #2

  1. Thank you Susan. You know I started this blog in 2010 and if you look through the years of my post you will see very little that is not happy or optimistic but there are those times.

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