Art: “The Pain Chronicles” Artwork #3

Cardboard Chronicles, Pain Chronicles, Toothache Chronicles were a few of the names I mulled around for this series of artworks.

I went through aches and pains for three different molars at three different times over the past months. At first they were going to try to save them but after a series of antibiotics, some pain killers, abscess and pain, it was like the domino effect and one by one another would bite the dust.

On a more pleasant note I love this next little guy. So much cuter and more colorful in person than I could get him to come out in the scan. Again much more painterly than most of my previous styles.



5×7 Original mixed media painting by Sherry Key Skey on cardboard on (piece of Bath & Body shipping box) so the hearts in the background were already there.


Unless otherwise stated all artworks, poems, sayings and writings are original copyrighted material by Sherry Key Skey

5 thoughts on “Art: “The Pain Chronicles” Artwork #3

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  1. I know that domino effect all too well as that’s exactly what I’ve been going through in the last six months. I keep being told I clean my teeth very well but it makes no odds because of my autoimmune condition destroying the gums. What a lovely life we lead!

  2. Wow…we could be twins because ditto on me with the cleaning and autoimmune problems. Well, after I get done posting all the artwork from this series I am going to try for some happier posts for awhile…(-:

    For a change…I just really couldn’t ignore that this is a part of life and not post about it.

      1. Yes, I had wisdom teeth out years ago but this was three more molars. I remember following you going through your eye problems and surgery but not so much the teeth. I especially don’t have much memory of January and February…ha, ha, ha.

      2. Not, of course, surprising! Still going through the eye problems and no change, in spite of laser treatment to remove scar tissue in January. No appointment given yet for cataract. And various other diagnoses that are frightening! Hey ho!

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