Art: “The Pain Chronicles” Artwork #4

Sometimes I create for others or sometimes I create something to sell. At times I might be creating for a gift or special occasion for a friend or family member but these works of art are personal and mostly created for me.

For some reason this is not my favorite guy but I still think he’s cute.

Some of our little furry friends are happiest when they are working or using their skills.

“I have a job I love to do it.

You got music to grind just put me to it.

Though the streets we play may be dingy and dark,

when the music starts I am as happy as a lark…(-:”

The Organ Monkey

“Do something you enjoy…I am.”


Wikipedia-The grinder would crank the organ in any public place (either a business district or in a neighborhood), moving from place to place after collecting a few coins or in order to avoid being arrested for loitering or chased by persons who would not appreciate hearing his single tune over and over again. The grinder would often have as a companion a white-headed capuchin monkey, tethered to a string, to do tricks and attract attention, as well as the important task of collecting money from passers-by.

Original mixed media painting on cardboard (Bath & Body box pieces) by Sherry Key Skey


Unless otherwise stated all artworks, poems, sayings and writings are original copyrighted material by Sherry Key Skey


4 thoughts on “Art: “The Pain Chronicles” Artwork #4

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  1. Hi I just discovered your art and love it, I was wondering “How large are your pieces?” as I assume that the boxes you use aren’t very large…. ? Thanks!

      1. I’ve got a stack of neat kleenex boxes and always ponder what to do with them as I like to make cards and dabble in acrylic paints…don’t worry, I won’t copy you! 🙂 my name is Teresa by the way..just T. to everyone! Nice to meet you Sherry! 🙂

      2. Yes, I have some artwork I will be posting in a later post that was done on back of trader Joe box that had k-cups. That cardboard is about the same thickness as a Kleenex box. Thanks for not copying…(-: and nice to meet you as well. Thanks for coming by to visit me!

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