Art: “The Healing Chronicles” Artwork #1

Okay…I am so over the main focus being about pain! When I was in so much pain I was like “I’m in too much pain to post about it now. I’ll do it when I feel better.”

When I did the first post of The Pain Chronicles I felt like “It was such a tragedy! I went through so much pain I must tell the world about it! I am still feeling so sorry for myself!”

But now it feels weird talking about pain when I am not in so much of it. This is just not me or where I am at right now. I will still talk about the previous “period of pain” because I love all the art I created during that time.

“Fancy Pants” was done at a particularly painful time and is among my favorites right now.

_ _ _

Sherry: “Ohhh, you’re so cute it makes me want to rub that little grumpy nose and scratch that little fancy pants belly.”

Fancy Pants: “Listen lady, do I LOOK like someone who wants their nose rubbed and belly scratched?”

“They call me Fancy Pants. You got a problem with that?”

Being “Artist” is a fluid and ever evolving process for me and I like the more “painterly” type of art I am doing right now.

It’s been a little like after having a baby.  When I look at these artworks they give me pleasure and a sense of joy and…I forget about how bad the pain was. It’s starting to fade.


Original 5″ x 7″ acrylic, mixed media painting on cardboard (Bath & Body shipping box) by Sherry Key Skey


Unless otherwise stated all artworks, poems, sayings and writings are original copyrighted material by Sherry Key Skey


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