Art Awards, etc.

Left handed-Right brained art of Texas Artist/Artisan Sherry Key     

February 20, 2010…first day I started to blog…ever(~;

(Warning: Do not look at the photo below if you are afraid of clowns, red lips, lips, rubies, blondes, anyone over 55, or sunglasses…I’m just sayin)


(Sculptures/ceramics, paintings, drawings, jewelry, mixed media, and hand-colored photos)

Hope you aren’t afraid of clowns…(-:



  • Featured as EBSQ Art Of  The Day:

January 2 “Hand Colored Photo of Amanda and Sydney”

  • Team EBSQ-ETSY Featured Showcases:

Dec06 (Holiday)
Oct31 (Halloween)
Sep26 (Ocean)
April 29 (Frogs)
March 25 (Blue Birds)

December 24 (Winter Wonderland)

October 31 (Dia De Los Muertos)


  • Featured as one of EBSQ’s Friday Five:

Mar23 (Diversity of Art)
Feb03 (Fairy Laundry Day)
Dec16 (Holiday Art)
May 6  (EBSQ Artists Blogosphere)
April 8 (Artwork For Japan)

December 17 (Things With Wings)

November 5 (It’s A Left Handed Thing)

September 3 (“Fairy Nights” Start to Finish)

June 25th (Nibblefest “Dog World”)

May 14th (My Featured Artist)

April 23rd (Nibblefest “Felines, Great and Small”)

April 2nd (Pen and Ink Tutorial)

Blog Awards:

Awarded Kreativ Blogger Award from Ali R. Thorne






8 thoughts on “Art Awards, etc.

Add yours

  1. I like your work… interesting path from pottery and 3-D to coloring photos and drawing in color.
    I interview artists for my blog and would enjoy interviewing you. Check the last two weeks for the variety you see.

    You can see more of my art here if you like:

    But my blog entry will be about you….
    Have fun with your creative explorations.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. I love spreading the word about others I find intriguing. With that said I’d be honored to add you to my blogroll – with your permission of course. 🙂

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