Finish! Fini! 29 of 29 Faces! “Egg Witch” September 2013

Yay! Was able to finish all 29 Faces. Whipped this last one out last night. Thank you Ayala Art for hosting another 29 Faces Challenge. That's two this year and believe me I'm not sure I could handle more than that. That's 60 faces done in two months out of the twelve. It's been fast... Continue Reading →


27, 28 of 29 Faces “Unfinished Dolls” September 2013

Well I finally finished last night. YAY! I am posting my last one separately since it's a different subject. 27 and 28 are unfinished doll faces. One is in oils (my second foray into oil paints) and the other was kind of the preliminary sketch for the oil painting I am working on. I think... Continue Reading →

26 of 29 Faces “Off World” (Oil painting on paper) September 2013

It's the end of September and I'm on the last lap of the 29 Faces Challenge for September. I know this is number 26 but I've got two more almost ready (one still drying)  and will try to do the final one tonight. As you can see from all my artwork on my blog I... Continue Reading →

Art: 24, 25 of 29 Faces “Collages WIP” September 2013

These are a couple of hand painted black and white images for some future collages that are a work in progress. I'm not finished painting either one. I Don't know where or when I'm going to use them yet. For the 29 Faces challenge you don't have to have completed works of art but I... Continue Reading →

23 of 29 Faces “I Don’t Get It” September 2013

Yeah, I'm blonde so I've heard the "dumb" blonde jokes all my life. I've heard some pretty funny ones and then some are pretty lame. I always say it's those brunettes that dye their hair blonde that gives us true blondes a bad name. "I don't get it" is what she seems to be saying... Continue Reading →

19-22 of 29 Faces “Portrait of A Normal Family” September 2013

In the interest of time in  the challenge to create 29 Faces in the 30 days of September I decided to do this quick portrait of a family I saw the other day. Who am I to say what's normal these days...ha, ha, ha. 5" x 7" acrylic and oil pastel on paper. === 29... Continue Reading →

18 of 29 Faces “Not Another Birthday?!!” September 2013 (Nibblefest)

"What thuh?! Not another one!" Yes, the birthdays never end. From the day you are born until the day you die. The older you get the faster they come back around. No, really, I'm serious. I don't care what the scientist say. I saw it on the internet so it's a proven fact. Even though... Continue Reading →

16, 17 of 29 Faces “We Could Have Danced All Night” September 2013

Grab your girlfriends and go! You've spent to many nights sitting at home doing boring chores around the house or working. Have a night out of just fun and dancing. Be a kid again and dress up and play. Enjoy the glitter of the night life for a change. 8" x8" Original on canvas panel.... Continue Reading →

14, 15 of 29 Faces “Cat and Mouse Snuggie Cos play” September 2013

cos play Web definitions The act of dressing up as a fictional character, typically from an anime. Most commonly done in groups at conventions. Because when you’re an adult there is no other context where this is appropriate. Ha, ha, ha...LOVE this definition of Cos play. To me this one has a little bit... Continue Reading →

10-13 of 29 Faces “Stages of Rest” September 2013

Graphite, oil pastels on toned paper. Texas Artist Sherry Key === 10-13 of create 29 Faces in the 30 days of September challenge hosted by Ayala Art. Related articles 29 Faces 11/29 ( 29 Faces Challenge (

8, 9 of 29 Faces “Synopses and Synapses” September 2013

I'm going to tattle on myself. It's amazing what a difference one letter can make in the English language. I keep a section in my blog sidebar called "Brain Farts" where I keep little sayings that flit through my mind. You may have read them or not even noticed them at all. I put them... Continue Reading →

7 of 29 Faces “Kitten Snuggie” September 2013

You're a kid. It's cold out...and dark except for the lights coming from the scary movie you are watching. Besides your mother, what would be the most important item you would want in a moment like this? "Kitten Snuggie" that's what! Makes you feel safe and warm like being in mother's womb...only you're stylish...with kitten... Continue Reading →

6 of 29 Faces “29 and Holding” September 2013

She's ageless, she's timeless, she's 29 and holding...ah hell, I don't know how old she is and she's not telling. 4" x 6" OSWOA Acrylic, pencil and ink on paper by Texas Artist Sherry Key. === Part of the create 29 Faces in the 30 days of September challenge hosted by Ayala Art. Other participants:... Continue Reading →

5 of 29 Faces “Super Leaf Girl” September 2013

Profile: Loves composting, shredding plant matter, collects fungi, and the worms that further decompose compost materials are her pets...(-: === 4" x 6" OSWOA, acrylic and ink on paper. (You are welcome to link to me as long as you give me credit. No copying please.) === Create 29 Faces in the 30 days of... Continue Reading →

2, 3, 4, of 29 Faces “Croc Shoes, and a Day at the Spa” September 2013

I love Crocs! Not so much to wear but they are a hoot to paint and draw. Such an odd and awkward shape...he, he. Now before you say anything I bought a pair while I was off for shoulder surgery last year and one big plus is they are com-for-table! I also have to confess... Continue Reading →

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