Art: CROCS used to be part of my fashion statement…(-:

I used to love my CROCS shoes. While I can say Grandma looks adorable for her age, and maybe her support hose are held up by a fancy garter belt under that dress, I still may have to seriously rethink my CROCS as a fashion accessory. ** Original artwork by Sherry Key aka Skey 5" x... Continue Reading →


Art: #SaturdayScribblers – Original mixed media art by SKey

Title: "My Pet Chinese Dragon" Art Challenge: Dean Kealy- #SaturdayScribbler How it works: On Fridays Dean does a random "Scribble" of some kind and then the challenge is to use that as your base start for an art idea. So this artwork comes from prompt #2 which was this:   I finally turned it on it's... Continue Reading →

Art: “Two Pink Moons” Pop Surrealism by Sherry Key

Hello all! This is an artwork I did for last month's theme "Space, Planets, and Stars." My postings are kind of few and far between at the moment because I am in the middle of moving into my new house but have definitely been experiencing withdrawals from not having the time to be creating everyday. I... Continue Reading →

Art: ACEO “Scratch My Belly!” Fat Cat

Looooook into my are getting very will scratch my will rub my will love me and only me. Have a great Friday!...Sherry === Ink, pencil, paper. Original art by Sherry Key a.k.a. Skey === Don't forget Nibblefest is coming soon where all art entries start at just .99 cents on Ebay... Continue Reading →

Art: Eely Schmeilly” the Eel

I've got one more fun artwork to go along with this month's Nibblefest theme which was "Create something that starts with the third letter of your real first name." Mine is Sh(e)rry. Animals I could think of were elephant, eagle, and emu. I forgot all about the lovely and cuddly eel. Meet Eely Schmeilly (pronounced... Continue Reading →

Art: “I Emu” portrait of Henrietta. Graphite and pastels.

My neighbors out in the country have an Emu and her name is Henrietta. When they first got her they named her Henry because they thought she was a he until "he" laid an egg. Interesting facts: Average from 5' to over 6' tall With an average 9' step they can run up to 40... Continue Reading →

Sketchbook: Elfin Princess, work in progress…(-:

12/2/2014-Making progress.Here I've got more of an outline going on the cloak and have started a more detailed design on part of the hood and a little more shading and tone everywhere as well. This was a scan and came out closer to the true colors as opposed to the first photo I took in... Continue Reading →

Art: ” The Grinch That Stole An Elf Suit” November Nibblefest, NFAC

This month's theme is "Two or more creatures mixed together." My name is Lance. Some people call me "Grinch" and I have heard others call me "Grumpy Cat" behind my back. They don't know I'm secretly kinda flattered by that.   Why do I want to be one of Old Nick's elves? They get the best... Continue Reading →

Art: Untitled, whimsical holidayish…sketch that will be an artwork

  A sweet girl, whimsical holiday house and a cute little snowman. I watched Hallmark Holiday and Christmas romance movies all weekend and started getting the bug to create something whimsical and holidayish. Well there was one lapse during that time period that was a little off subject when I watched a movie that my... Continue Reading →

Art: “Kin to Jackalope” graphite, ink

Keeping with this month's theme of "Two or more creatures mixed together" I have done a graphite and ink illustration of a Bunnylope. Not as well known as the cousin of their species the Jackalope. Mythical Bunnylopes: Long floppy ears Higher body fat count Big soulful eyes Sweeter disposition, too trusting Slow and casual jumper... Continue Reading →

10-13 of 29 Faces “Stages of Rest” September 2013

Graphite, oil pastels on toned paper. Texas Artist Sherry Key === 10-13 of create 29 Faces in the 30 days of September challenge hosted by Ayala Art. Related articles 29 Faces 11/29 ( 29 Faces Challenge (

8, 9 of 29 Faces “Synopses and Synapses” September 2013

I'm going to tattle on myself. It's amazing what a difference one letter can make in the English language. I keep a section in my blog sidebar called "Brain Farts" where I keep little sayings that flit through my mind. You may have read them or not even noticed them at all. I put them... Continue Reading →

Art: “Jack Frost” Oil pastel painting on toned art paper.

Ahhh...I'm feeling like cooler weather right now with all the heat we are having in Texas. I'm a Spring and Fall person myself. Rise Of The Guardians movie came out on HBO a week ago and I just loved the animation.  Actually I love the whole story. That's what inspired me to do my version... Continue Reading →

BYOBa “Hovering Stewardess”

"Good morning! Before you board your flight we would like to ask everyone to please keep any extra self contained atmospheric bubbles, antenna, bio-insertable music devices, etc., in your assigned overhead.Pets are allowed as long as they fit in the bio-containment compartment under you seat. Have a safe flight.Approximately 7" x 5" graphite, colored pencils,... Continue Reading →

Art: “BYOBa” Graphite, colored pencil

"Just Breathe" Good Monday morning...We're having an "All Planets" meeting, kind of like the "All Hands" meeting you have at work. BYOBa, That's the scientific lingo for "Bring Your Own Biological Atmosphere." Approximately 7" x 9" graphite, colored pencil on tan art paper.   Hee, little space drawing featured on EBSQ Friday Five Artwork... Continue Reading →

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