Art: Featured artist “Marina Kanavaki” “Happy October”

 Marina Kanivaki "Art Towards A Happy Day" October full moon, calendar, art and more...


Featured Art at EBSQ “Mr. Owl and the Night Shift” by Sherry Key

Ah man, EBSQ my favorite online art community featured my mixed media artwork  "Mr. Owl and the Night Shift" as Art of the Day on the front page and I missed it. I've been a member since 2009 and It's really a rare and honored happening, but their timing always seems impeccable as I am always either... Continue Reading →

Art: My “Bluebird and Flowers” painting highlights EBSQ gallery

4/27/2017 I'm excited. On the front page my "Bluebird and Flowers" painting chosen to highlight the "Botanicals & Florals" Gallery for the week. Thank you for the honor EBSQ!! ( Sherry Key Portfolio at EBSQ  

Made in Penang. Handmade and handpainted incense bowls. 

One of the blogs I check in on from time to time is

Aren’t these little incense bowls cute!

Penang Local

Penang Local products. Handpainted incense bowls by

Penang local products. Handpainted with love. Incense bowls by

Available at Gusto Cafe Rm20. 

Gusto Cafe Address:

4 Jalan Sungai Kelian
Penang, Malaysia
04-890 4012

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Art: I’m “Art of the Day” on EBSQ…yay!

Woot! I am so honored that one of my artworks was chosen for "Art of the Day" at my favorite online art community "EBSQ." It will only be up for today so I took a screenshot as a memento for myself...(-; EBSQ's theme this week is "Works of Art on Paper." In "Summer Days Drifting... Continue Reading →

First Night Design | Le cabinet Masson by Cristian Borghetti — my first book cover!

Art: Featured Artist: “Sarah Vernon”
One of my favorite online fellow artists and bloggers Sarah Vernon has a new book cover she designed for a book titled “Le Cabinet Masson” by Author Cristian Borghetti.

Fabulous Dahling!!

First Night Design

Le cabinet Masson by Cristian Borghetti Le cabinet Masson by Cristian Borghetti

The image above is my first book cover, which came about because of an approach by Italian writer, Cristian Borghetti, who had come across my original, The Gloria Swanson Tattoo, and thought it would work perfectly for his novel, Le cabinet Masson. I couldn’t have been more delighted. I happen to love the font he’s used, which I was not responsible for but I probably would have chosen something very similar.

Blurb from Amazon (translated by Google and me!):

The painting ‘After the Ink’ by American Dorian Cleavenger was the inspiration for ​​Borghetti’s novel, Le cabinet Masson.

The opera, set in Paris in 1912, in the heart of the Belle Epoque, is a journey into humanity itself, in its instincts, in its passions, in its dark sides.

“The end justifies the means” is the Machiavellian motto of the main character, who is ambitious and unscrupulous, and believes in chasing…

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Featured Artist: Amy at Pikaland on kissing ass vs. talent and hardwork, etc…

(talent x hard work)a + (luck + timing)b + helpc = successx NOTE: WITH ALL OF THE ABOVE, THE VARIATION OF SUCCESS IS SUBJECTIVE, AND IS WHOLLY DEPENDENT ON THE EFFORT PUT IN (A) & (C) AND FACTORS BEYOND OUR CONTROL (B) IN THE EQUATION. Below is Amy's article "Let's not be too quick to judge"  The... Continue Reading →

Featured Artist: Amanda Makepeace’s EBSQ “Airships” exhibit entry

Entry by Amanda Makepeace in the EBSQ online art community "Airships" exhibit. You can vote for this and the other entries with your Facebook "like" button HERE. Voting ends on Monday the 8th. About the show... "Prospectus" Travel back in time to imagine a world where grand airships still grace the skies, or depict one... Continue Reading →

Friends and inspiration-Painted Owl Handbag by Artist Cheryle Bannon

Lovely hand painted Owl bag by Cheryle Bannon. Done as a gift for a friend of hers.   Pretty paintings and artwork done with some of my favorite should check it out. Friends and inspiration. Have a lovely Monday...Sherry ===

Art: “How To Get Unstuck” Top Ten List by Danish artist Lise Meijer

Lovely blog with lovely mixed media artwork. Thought I'd share Lise's top ten list for getting over that little rough patch in life as well as art. Clicking on the pic will take you there...(-: P.S. Don't forget to check out my two Nibblefest art starting at just .99 cents on Ebay. Will end on... Continue Reading →

Art: Abstract art flower painting lesson

Glad to be back from vacation to blog about artsy things with all my online peeps! I was on vacation from October 3rd till now and was without access to a computer or internet most of the time I was gone. This week while I'm getting my thoughts together and letting my body rest I... Continue Reading →

Art: My “Brighten the Corner Where You Are” art, featured at EBSQ

My artwork "Brighten the Corner Where You Are" is shown here highlighting the Colored Pencil Gallery this week at my favorite online art community EBSQ. My Portfolio (Sherry Key) at EBSQ "Brighten the Corner Where You Are" previously posted on my blog HERE

Featured Artist: “Mixed Media Tutorial” by Thaneeya McArdle

As I was surfing the internet looking for the proper way to sharpen colored pencils (as I was apparently needing a refresher course) I ran across this great little tutorial at Thaneeya's "Art Is Fun" website that I thought I would share. I use some of these techniques in my artwork. Check out her mixed... Continue Reading →

Featured Artist: “Don’t let them Crap on your ART” by Will Terry

So true! So hilarious! So what I'm thinking! If you are a creative and need a smile and some tongue in cheek encouragement read what Will Terry has to say below. So "Cut the CRAP!" as they say in Texas. Well, I guess they say that in all the South too. Hell, I guess they... Continue Reading →

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