Me and Art

Drug of Choice

Mixed Media Texas Artist and Artisan Sherry Key a.k.a. Skey


Who am I?

The dark, surreal, humorous, and the strange and weird…inspire me.

I like to draw, paint, create, sculpt, and write about it.

Art is spiritual. It’s mean, depressing, devilishly funny, inspiring, or enlightening in it’s many forms.

Art is the closest to time travel I will ever get; holding a story, a single thought, or nothing much at all, in that moment of time that it was created.

Art doesn’t give a crap if I’m famous, or not.

Art has me under its spell. I can’t help myself, things just beg to be created.




When I had someone say recently “I know it’s your art before I even click on it”…well, I felt I had arrived…(-:

For a very unique mix of art, visit my Portfolio, and browse through my Galleries. Join me in focusing on the humorous and surreal side of life, and art.


More about me…

My Creative Process_The Grand Blog Tour

Online Art Portfolio

15 thoughts on “Me and Art

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  1. I love your work and really enjoyed reading this!!! So glad to have found your blog, I will be stopping back in often!

  2. You are already one of my online art favorites. You do serious and fun art without taking yourself too seriously. And I think we left handers laugh at a lot of the same things and think the same way. Have a happy summer (a Texas summer no less).

  3. Hey neighbor over there in Arkansas. I have a lot of relatives there myself. Thanks for the pat on the back, always appreciated from a fellow artist!!! Hope the museum show is going well!

  4. Hi Sherry! I just wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for the “Sunshine Award”. The “Sunshine Award” is awarded to bloggers who “light up the dark corners of our minds” and “positively and creatively inspire others in the blogoshphere”
    You can follow through at this link:
    Keep up the awesome work! 🙂

    1. Oh…and thank you so much for re- blogging my owl bag…I was flattered. Still getting my head around navigating how to comment etc…all the blog protocols. Really appreciate the support.

      1. You are certainly welcome! love the bag.

        I totally understand the learning curve of blogging.
        I started in 2010 (seems like yesterday) and I still have new things that pop up that I have to figure out…Sherry

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