Art: “Snow Bunny” painting on gallery wrapped canvas

If you aren't lucky enough to be covered in fur then be sure and bundle up for the cold weather. Stylin in her cute winter coat with fuzzy buttons, mittens, striped leggings and darling (but not practical) shoes.  Cute little long eared bunny girl. 5" x 7" painting on gallery wrapped canvas. Painting is continued... Continue Reading →

Art: Abstract art flower painting lesson

Glad to be back from vacation to blog about artsy things with all my online peeps! I was on vacation from October 3rd till now and was without access to a computer or internet most of the time I was gone. This week while I'm getting my thoughts together and letting my body rest I... Continue Reading →

5 of 29 Faces “Super Leaf Girl” September 2013

Profile: Loves composting, shredding plant matter, collects fungi, and the worms that further decompose compost materials are her pets...(-: === 4" x 6" OSWOA, acrylic and ink on paper. (You are welcome to link to me as long as you give me credit. No copying please.) === Create 29 Faces in the 30 days of... Continue Reading →

Art: “White Woods”

"White Woods" Pop Surreal painting by Texas Artist Sherry Key 5" x 7" x 1/2" Acrylic, oil pastels,  painting on gallery wrapped canvas (back stapled on wood frame) === Sherry's art on Ebay === Related articles DIY Abstract Art No. 2 ( Gallerist at Home: Mixed Greens (

April – “Two Sheep and a Tree” collage on wood

And one more Nibblefest artwork starting at just .99 cents on Ebay from now through the 27th. SOLD-thank you Amy in MA, USA! === Update-SOLD-hope to see you next month the 20th through the 27th for the next Nibblefest art contest!   Sherry

Collage of all 29 Faces of February 2013 Art Challenge

To see full view of each artwork all together on one page you can go to the "29 Faces Galleries" tab at the top of this blog, or click Here. If you would like to see individual post on some of these artworks just do a search on my blog for "29 Faces." I just... Continue Reading →

“Cat” Collage – 12 of 29 Faces in February Art Challenge

I don't know what kind of face this cat is giving us. Sweet? Reflective? 4" x 4" Original acrylic painted cat image collage, on pine board stained mint green. === This is number 12 of the 29 Faces I am creating in February. Any media goes so you may see some sketches, collage, and other... Continue Reading →

Art: The Six of Cups (The Coffee Monger)

My humorous and loose interpretation of the Six of Cups Tarot card. I call him "The Coffee Monger." Said to stand for innocence and nostalgia, among other things. Yes, he's got an unlimited supply of coffee from a coffee moon but he only has six cups, so it's a shame a lot of it is... Continue Reading →

“Fairy Nights” Start to Finish…

Here is a few of the steps I took from start to finish of my newest artwork "Fairy Nights." I was going to post it as a work in progress but I have already finished it. Now for sale in my EBAY Store, "Skey's Shoppe." I had this ACEO  called "Summer Cremesicle Fairy" that I... Continue Reading →

Artist Torrie Smiley “Rips Off” My Artwork…

I partnered up with three other artist this month for the 10th annual EBSQ "Ripped Off" show. Previously I posted Torrie Smiley's "Big Bird," her piece that I ripped. Torrie did a rip of one of my photographs called "Nature's Art." Torrie's piece called "Sherry's Rain" is a 16" x 20" acrylic knife painting. Click... Continue Reading →

“Annual Ripped Off Show” at EBSQ

If you haven't seen EBSQ's "Annual Ripped Off" shows, you are really missing a fun, collaborative art event that has been an event for 10 years running, since 2000. Basically it's an opportunity to rip-off a fellow EBSQ artist, who's work you admire (that is WITH their permission!). I will be posting blogs about this... Continue Reading →

My Featured Artist “Amanda Makepeace”

My "Featured Artist" for the early part of this July is "Amanda Makepeace." She has some great tree frogs done in pen and ink, and some wonderful stones done in acrylic. I am calling the slideshow "Toads and Stones." Now I know there are toads and there are frogs and that there are frogs that are toads... Continue Reading →

May “NIBBLEFEST Contest” entries (NFAC)

These are my entries in this months Nibblefest Contest on Ebay. This is a monthly themed online art challenge. This month’s theme is “Monochrome, any color.” To come see all the entries on auction through the 27th go to "Art" categories on EBay, and type NFAC in your search. All Nibblefest auctions start at .99... Continue Reading →

Art Contest-April “Nibblefest Entries” on Ebay

This month’s theme is “Felines.” These are my entries in the April “Nibblefest Art Contest” (NFAC) on EBAY. You can get to my EBAY store “Skey’s Shoppe” using the link in my sidebar under “Where To Buy Sherry’s Art.” “CATS ARE FROM VENUS”-"Men may be from Mars but cats and women are from Venus. You... Continue Reading →

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